Making even an all-black-everything wardrobe more V I V I D.
Here at HUED, we believe style is a way of expressing who you are without ever having to say a word.

Without playful hues of color, the art of design and the fashion industry would be dull and mundane. Whether it be an all-black ensemble or colorful couture, HUED provides its customers with the opportunity to make a bold statement with light-weight, fashion-forward accessories for any occasion.

100% Handmade in the USA
We design and create each piece by hand in Colorado and are lucky to work with our neighbors to develop and produce products in the USA.

About the Designer
An avid nature lover, Lindsey draws inspiration for her designs from all things she has seen traveling through the Rocky Mountains and numerous National Parks in the Midwest. She can be found photographing the beautiful landscapes of New Mexico or her home in Colorado alongside her Australian Shepard and muse, Rex.